Would you say that your code really rocks the project?

Will an app developer freelance win the battle vs a Quality Engineer?

Your first time on an app development project with QA?

I will show you how to send your application to Quality assurance department without getting a heart attack.

Let me introduce myself before moving on during my first post. My name is Jair Pinedo, Senior app developer at Amplemind, a technology agency with a lot of experience on app development.

I used to be a Freelance, same as you. To be honest, my projects were not that well organized at the beginning, they obviously didn’t pass through QA neither.

I have been working with Amplemind for over two years, but throwing back to my first meeting with QA, it was horrible! I can’t even remember the number of detected issues on my first app development version. When I saw them, my developer’s pride push me to fix them.

Bugs and improvements

It’s important to notice that there are two types of issues:


Is an unexpected action on the app functionalities.


Is a feature that can be taken to a better place. Sometimes the client’s approval needs to be done first due to their cost, sometimes this is already included and can be developed without the client’s approval. This improvement does not interrupt the functionality of the app.

Some of you might have the “God’s complex”: believing that your app development is always 100% functional and it won’t have any detail to be fixed. This is a tremendous mistake! If you want to have the best development, you will need a QA person who make comments on your app development or detect key aspects to be fixed. Of course that looking at this guys laughing of your mistakes is not pleasurable at all!! But, come on! there is nothing to be mad at, they are doing their job and enjoying it, just like you do.

During my short time being a freelance on app development projects…

I took some friends to be my testers, sometimes I even did it by myself. I thought that my job was acceptable, but.. when I first saw QA getting into my app development, my way of thinking about QA change at all! They always consider scenarios for testing that you might haven’t even think about them! they try with different platforms, that for some reason are not available for every app developer.

It’s important to mention that an app developer works for every project to be done perfect, not to be a failure. This is the point where quality assurance help us by finding those mistakes, that for sure you develop without being conscious of them. The key for your project to be a successful project is to have a great communication with QA, having into account that you may fail sometimes and this surprises would take you some time to be fixed. Please consider this time when making an estimation for your project, this mistakes are normal the first time you work under standards or implement engineering to your project.

When QA returns your app development or detects an issue, you should be thankful instead. It will improve your code on future opportunities, make you a better developer and you will be more productive for the company you’re working with as well as for yourself. To be honest, if you are planning a new project, please consider a team who includes some QA specialists like Amplemind does, this mix can get your project closer to perfection. Being thankful to QA and vice versa will improve the team’s motivation to keep doing your best on what is your passion, to develop.

“The Software doesn’t get created or destroyed, it only gets developed”

Jair Pinedo - Senior Developer
Jair Pinedo            Senior Developer