Working with a partner (outsourcing) was not formally identified as a business strategy until 1989 (Mullin, 1996). The first stage was only for complementary companies (printing company to a writer) the second phase was for support services (accounting, financials, human resources). The current phase is about Strategic Partnership, where the companies increase their capacity and diversify their services.

¿Still not sure about working with an app development partner?

Of course, the main reason to hire an app development partner is to lower costs. It has been proved to be so less expensive, especially knowing that in some cases the cost may reduce up to 10x when hiring in other locations. However,  let me show you some other (and not so obvious) reasons here:

1. It delivers knowledge and capability to the table.

Knowledge development partner
Yes, working with a partner will automatically increase your team’s experience and talent. As well as saving you from the learning curve that is normally going to happen when hiring some in-house resources.

Especially on this day, that we have to navigate through the large pool of experienced candidates with the right skillset and find the appropriate ones for our projects.

Isn’t the same to manage a web project or a custom software project than an app development project. The project manager needs some special knowledge for each type, especially if the kind of projects that your team is used to work on are different.

  2. No adaptation time for the development team.


A regular new teammate will require around 100 hours to familiarize with the work environment, new company atmosphere and make new friends. Just imagine paying all of this money just for the new team member to start working at his/her best.
Adaptation time is not required for a team that has been working for a long time together.

3. Time Efficiency

Make the internal staff focus on the other mission-critical business needs while not being concern about day-to-day tasks and operational requirements (Which most of the times they won’t even understand since is not their field).  

4. When demand drives cost, cut unnecessary expenses

Working with an app development partner will make you pay only what you consume. Just like paying water or electricity.

If your clients are not requesting app development projects frequently, you could save some money by outsourcing the service and only paying when needed. This won’t happen if you have a full-time team.

The inquiry of whether one should hire a development partner or not is open to business managers. We consider that these arguments can speak for themselves, and you shouldn’t have any doubt about it.

But if you still do, you can let our experts talk to you and solve any further question. And if you have taken the decision to work with a development partner, find some guidance on your first steps here.

Verónica Bugarin - Account manager
Verónica Bugarin Account manager