Can you imagine starting to build your house with no architectural plans? Yes, starting your app development project without a Discovery phase may be as insane as this.

What is the Discovery phase?

Discovery phase should inevitably be the first step in your project. Its when the experts help you to arrive at your vision or dig in deep to comprehend what you’re looking for.

The primary goal of the discovery phase is to generate certainty over a new project. Therefore, the final result is the documentation that defines the project almost entirely and the way it should be executed.

Here are a few steps that summarize the execution of the discovery phase:

  1. Initial information gathering
  2. Discuss the info and generate ideas
  3. Debrief and proposal presentation
  4. Generate sketches and/or designs
  5. Final presentationDiscovery phase

Why the Discovery phase?

There are a bunch of benefits for initiating your project with a Discovery phase:

  1. Structure the flow of the project: what will happen between the moment the user gets into the app and exits it?
  2. Avoid future rework by establishing all the possibilities from the beginning (or most of them): Rework happens when the developers work on a piece of the project and when the client observes the result, he/she decides to modify it, impacting directly delivery times.
    Of course that there will always be changes on the project, but Discovery Phase definitely reduces them.
  3. Have a more accurate estimation of your project (not assumptions): from the user point of view to developers side.
  4. Know your project scope: What will be included and what not?
  5. Allow project objectives to be defined together, so the interests can be aligned.
  6. Test the partner agency and its working relationship, so if it doesn’t fit in this phase, it will not work for the project itself.


What’s next?

With this info, is so much easier to make an accurate estimation of pricing and timing. Therefore, the project will be executed and managed with total transparency for both ends.

Discovery phase is actually where the project starts, however you should always keep tracking your project and measuring your KPIs! Because you will never know your product and your market at 100%, the market is always changing and so should your product.

Verónica Bugarin - Account manager
Verónica Bugarin Account manager