Howdy folks my name is Roman Gonzalez and I am in charge of the QA (Quality Assurance) team at Amplemind.

Thinking in retrospective about my career…

I came to the conclusion that no matter how different is the place and the people you are working with. The answer is always: The key to a successful and efficient project workflow is maintaining good communication with your team members and rely on teamwork.

Even if you think you are the most brilliant person, complex projects often require help from another peer. Not only to make the workload smaller but also to have a second point of view of how to solve the problems the project may have.

That is why I’ll be focusing on two of the many keystone members of a software development team: the Project manager and software development team.

How does the communication system work?

QA engineers happen to have a strange love-hate relationship with the Development team. Some think that it is because programmers don’t like other person showing his errors to the team, but I think the real problem resides in the lack of communication from both ends.

When bugs are discovered and reported,  the QA engineer’s responsibility is to let the developer know that he is fully supporting him through the bug life-cycle. As well as providing information clear and useful about the issue, not just sending a bunch of bugs to the backlog.

Having a Quality Assurance team in the project is not meant to add extra hassle to the development team

It is crucial to let the team know that having a QA team helps to have an added value to the project. It is also important to maintain a workflow that sticks to project’s scope as much as possible. As well as having a proof of what you are doing.

Therefore, the Dev team can comprehend the goals of the current QA process and let the project manager know if the Dev team has a nonconformity that lies beyond scope.

Talking about the relationship with project managers, I happen to have a certain situation in some projects. When customers have their UAT (User Acceptance Testing) team working with the development team, it is usual to see tickets related to features that are out of scope.

It is important to evaluate the customer’s request in order to see what is in scope and what not, of course also to communicate the situation to the project manager.

That way, controlled measures can be taken in order to avoid problems with the customer and possible improvements can be planned.

Probably this is gonna sound too obvious to some people but I know of teams out there working with the same people for years and not understanding that good communication through all the team’s processes is the key to avoid headaches and stress.

“Developers are friends not food”

-Bruce The Shark

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Roman - Quality Assurance
Román Gonzalez         Quality Assurance