Mexico has become a Technology Hub over the last three decades. Mexicans are really interested in being technology professionals and foreign companies are investing in Mexican resources.

Why is Mexico so attractive for business?

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Mexico provides a great offer of flights and alternative areas to outsource. Is fortunately placed close to the U.S. According to the Department of Communications and Transportations from Mexico, traffic between the US and Mexico is increasing at least by 10% year to year. Operations and businesses are growing more and more every year.

I highly recommend you to visit your new team at least once at the beginning of your project. Therefore you can see their environment, the workplace and talk to them face to face so you can be confident about the professionals that will be working on your project.


Easy process integration

Nearshore outsourced team will be more likely to integrate into your process without any communication problem. They will be usually living in the same time zone as you (or very similar).

Therefore, daily updates, sprint feedback, questions, changes requests and general conversations, will be as simple as you do with your in-house team.


Strong Technology Community

Thanks to the participation of the Government, Private Businesses, and Universities, Guadalajara is starting to be called the “Silicon Valley of Mexico”.

technology community

Mexico has a policy of attracting talent, inviting people from other countries that can add value to the industry, something that is very difficult in the United States right now,” said Raúl Martín, head of technology headhunters Campus Party Mexico to El Pais.

Also, The Economic Times established that:

“Mexico has the third highest number of IT professionals in the world after India and Philippines. This creates a win-win situation for both India and Mexico. In 2016 Mexico surpassed Brazil as India’s number one trade partner for Latin America,” said the ambassador, who has been spearheading the move to enhance India’s footprint in Mexico and vice versa.”

So, yes, Mexican Technology community is increasing, getting better and with a very promising future.

Fair average rate

It will be also a budget efficiency plan to augment your resources with outsourcing a Mexican company. It will cost much less than hiring local talent. According to DAXX, Latin America development cost can be reduced up to -70%  compared to North America!

Whether it is for a one-time project or to expand a department inside your company,  “The land of Technology Startups” is a great option to consider: Fair budget, Big Tech pool, very promising future and convenient time zones, all in one place.

So, once you have taken your decision, take a look at this article. You will find some important things to consider before starting your outsourced project.


Verónica Bugarin - Account manager
Verónica Bugarin Account manager