Imagine two people having a conversation…

They are sitting in front of each other but they do not look happy, they seem to be confused and the atmosphere around them is starting to turn annoying.

Now imagine that you walk closer to them and you listen to what they are saying. You feel surprised.

First, you notice that they both speak different languages and they can barely understand each other. Second, they both think they are right and are not willing to cede. Third, there is not a translator or an intermediate who can solve the situation and create a fluent conversation.

The entire situation is a mess and even you are feeling desperate!

We have just illustrated a scenario in our minds that is a good example of what happens when a project is being developed under different methodologies and without correct management practices.

When referring to software development or App development projects, Scrum rules

With only three roles and no unnecessary documentation, Scrum framework has been proven to be the best agile framework anyone can use to properly manage a project and its team. It describes an iterative and incremental approach to project work.

When applying scrum practices, we work with:

  • Scrum team Scrum Product Owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Scrum Development Team.

The first two roles have the responsibilities of a traditional project manager, but these are divided and they can both stay focused on their specifics.

Product Owner

Is the one with the vision of customer’s expectations and desires, therefore, he is responsible for managing the requirements and achieving the desired outcome.

Scrum Master

Is the one who helps the team during development activities, is a facilitator and is the one responsible for keeping the Scrum Project Team working under the Scrum framework, so everyone is tuned.

Scrum Development team

Whether or not they are specialized in a specific area, there are no hierarchies and everyone has the same importance and responsibility.

So, why collaborating with a Certified Scrum partner?

Easy question, the main reasons are:

  1. Everyone will speak the same language as to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.
  2. There will be a facilitator who will remove obstacles that impede team’s progress.
  3. Everyone will stay focused and happy working with a peaceful atmosphere.
  4. Communication within your team and your organization will be improved, resulting in a better time management.

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