Ready to outsource a project? We know this is not a simple task, there is always some uncertainty about letting some external teamwork on your behalf. Especially if this is your first time making a move like this.

Take a look at this points. They will probably help you to feel more confident about the process and to make the right decisions:

1. Nominate the “key person”

First of all, you need to choose one point person to be the decision maker under any circumstances. We have been through projects where more than one person can make choices, this ended up in a larger and more expensive project for both.

Make sure you can be aligned with one person and trust in his/her choices. Especially because there will be needed to define such detailed things like a button position or an alert message. This tasks will normally be really time-consuming for a CEO or for a Salesperson since is not their primary responsibility.

2. Get your team ready

It’s also essential to align your team with the objectives of each outsourced project so they can have a rapid response to every requirement. Even if you don’t have a technical team, you will probably have a designer or an account manager who’s input will be needed at some point. They should know the priority of the project on their daily work tasks.

Additionally, consider letting them know how the work will be done. In our case, we employ the SCRUM framework as a base. Meaning that they should know when each sprint will begin and what the deadline for the requisites is, in order to avoid any delay on the project.

3. Changes strategy

This point is all about the explanation of the process. You have the right to be informed about what will happen if something needs to change in every scenario:

  • What if the feature is scheduled (on the features breakdown) but not developed yet?
  • Or if the feature is already developed?
  • And if the feature is not even considered, but you realize it might be nice to include the scope?
  • What if the future was scheduled but you don’t require it anymore?

Please pay attention to when will it apply additional cost, deadlines to make any changes and what the process of requesting a change will be.

4. Believe in your partner

I’m sure that the company you choose to outsource your project with has been through similar projects for some time. At least they know which working technique best fit for you as well as which technology and what are the recommended features that will work on your project. So please, let them talk and trust them! listen to their expert voice and make their technical experience work with your business knowledge to develop a truly innovative project.

After all, both ends will benefit from this partnership. As long as communication stays clear from the beginning and each one provides the project with their expertise, the project has many chances to score a home run!

Verónica Bugarin - Account manager
Verónica Bugarin – Account manager