Key Aspects

When having a first contact with the new development team, there are some key aspects you should consider before starting your app development project:

   1. Flow definition

Defining the flow for a mobile app is not as simple as it sounds, you need to evaluate every possible way the user might choose when interacting with the moStarting your app development projectbile app. Make sure to use a Flow chart.

There is no chance to start your app development project without the flow diagram, there are many online tools to create flow charts.

This will help you to understand visually every step the user will make when navigating through your app. The end of the flow always must be when the user fulfills its purpose and exits the app.


     2.  Visual representation for every scenario

Starting your app development project

In order to have every possibility covered and have a better understanding on what the user experiences when navigating inside the app, making some sketches on paper and pencil will always be the best solution. It will let you fix any mistake instantly or evaluate a different way without much effort. Therefore, you can have a better idea on how it will look like when designing it digital.


     3. Design for EVERYTHING

When designing your app, is a must to take into consideration the Apple  and Android design guidelines, there are lots of online catalogs where you can find some inspiration.

Take into account that every scenario described on the flow is covered by a screen, no matter how simple the screen is, it must be designed. This may sound obvious, but in our experience, we haven’t been through a mobile app development project without asking our clients for a missing screen, so pay attention to this point too.

Don’t forget to export every single asset of each screen on the recommended resolution according to physical devices screens before starting your app development project. Therefore, the developers will be able to make their job properly and the app will look great on every phone.

    4. Changes procedures

Changes procedures starting your app development project


Always make sure you understand how the changes will be managed. What will happen if the requested change will imply movements into an already developed feature? and what will happen if it doesn’t imply any movement to an already developed feature? When will it be considered a bug and when not? will it imply additional cost?.

This are the some of the important questions you should establish before starting your app development project and get to an arrangement with your development supplier before continuing with your project.


     5. Follow up timeline 

Finally, but as important as the others, you deserve to be informed of every tasks the team will keep working on. So you can make the appropriate tests when needed and now exactly what are the new features you should test.

You should also be able to decide the follow up frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) and on this follow up, you should know the features that had already been developed, what is planned to be developed next and when will be the next follow up.


Hope this points will help you to improve your experience with the app development supplier and end up with a great and successful project.

Make sure that great hands are managing your project, learn how on this article.


Verónica Bugarin - Account manager
Verónica Bugarin Account manager